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Eine heikle Mission. Ein düsteres Ziel. Ein übermächtiger Gegner.

Nachdem Leas Mutter wegen Hochverrats gefangen genommen wurde, setzt Lea alles daran, ihre Unschuld zu beweisen und sie zu befreien. Leider ist sie dafür gezwungen mit Jayden zusammenzuarbeiten, mit dem nichts als Abneigung verbindet.

Ihre Nachforschungen führen auf ein dunkles Geheimnis ihres größten Widersachers, der sie monatelang gefangen gehalten hat. Sein düsterer Plan würde die gesamte Welt von Oratis verändern.  Lea kämpft mit all ihren Kräften - doch da ist nicht nur ihr Erzfeind, schon bald sieht es so aus, als wäre ihr eigenes Herz der viel größere Gegner. So überdimensional, dass sie machtlos ist. 

Wird die Dunkelheit ihr Feuer besiegen?

Cover von Silver City die Rebellion mit einer Frau und einem schwarzen Wolf

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Silver City - the Rebellion

A city of the powerful. A city of the future. A city of division.

Silver City was supposed to be the shining example of civilization in the world. Filled with humans, dragons, mages, and shapeshifters, it’s a place of impossibility. A place of wonder. A place of danger.

Ryn, in debt and desperate to fulfill her dreams, will stop at nothing to gain her freedom. Her life in Ellad District is anything but friendly. Her power has been kept secret since birth, when her parents discovered she possessed the only thing that could kill her: a magic anomaly.


Elladur - The Elder's Legacy

Die Magie schwindet.
Das Böse wird stärker.
Die Zeit läuft davon..

Liya’s life has become a whirlwind of unanswered questions. Her success in closing the gates should have been the end of her ordeal, but it was only the beginning. Forced into a world she struggles to understand, Liya must adapt if she has any hope of survival. Terrible threats loom on the horizon, lurking in the corners ever out of reach. An ancient evil has awakened and seeks the total domination of the entire world.

The one bright spot in her journey comes from Liya having a host of newfound allies by her side. Together, they set forth to rid the world of the hatreds from old times and secure peace and prosperity they all deserve. Failure means death, but the path is filled with danger and deception at every turn. It is a game she cannot hope to win, and one she is ill prepared to play, for the demons of Liya’s past have returned to haunt her.

Can Liya fight the darkness and discover the truth she needs to win? Only time will tell, and she has precious little left.


Elladur - The Awakening

For as long as Liya can remember, her magic has been a curse .

Magic – a legacy of the ancient era, created by genetic manipulation. For as long as Liya can remember, her magic has been a curse. Something to hide, something to despise. As king’s spy, she ventures out to uncover more about the political marriage of the hostile kingdom. Her nerves intensify when she realizes that her former lover, Haydn, is to be the future king of Dar’Angaar. With a war between the kingdom hanging in the balance, she and her best friend Ewan discover an ancient scroll from the long-lost kingdom of Elladur. It reveals a mysterious portal to another world, where eternal darkness and a king await his revenge.

Yet, at such a risk, who would do such a thing? The answer might be closer than she realizes.

​“The day becomes night, and his shadows come into sight. He is the eternal darkness, the remaining stillness. Nothing will be safe anymore, your soul is his forevermore.”“

An incredibly gripping fantasy opener
A complex story, a successful, interesting and multi-layered world structure, strong and varied characters combined with a writing style that is easy to browse, the author knows how to captivate the readership and let them gradually immerse themselves in the story. I liked the variety of characters and their portrayal, the emotions were easy to empathize with and, as the icing on the cake, the story runs through a latent tension that makes it difficult to put the book down. Furthermore, the author surprises with unexpected twists and turns that also speak for successful reading entertainment. Even with the many small, polished and beautifully presented details, I felt very comfortable reading it, it made it easy to imagine things in your head. I would like to point out a small point of criticism, I would have liked to learn a little more from the other players, but that might happen in Volume 2, I would be happy...


What Readers Say

I liked the story very much. I found the type of magic great and the author also succeeded in building the world. There was a lot to discover and I found the different creatures fascinating. I liked Liya as the main character sometimes more and sometimes less. I often found them very naive and short-sighted. She is constantly in mortal danger and can often only escape with the help of others. A bit poor for a master spy. At the same time, she was very courageous, faced dangerous situations and questioned her previous views.


I think the cover is beautiful as it captures the energy of the main protagonist Liya perfectly. The dragon wings lurking over the throne appear dark and powerful, the throne looks exceedingly somber and somehow ominous. The lady on the cover, ready to fight, bravely faces a danger that we, as cover viewers, do not (yet) recognize. I particularly like that the lady was portrayed as powerful and strong-willed and that she was able to capture the right amount of magic. This cover manages to perfectly reflect the content of the book. Elladur: The Force Awakens is the debut novel by Angie Delazi and she managed to grab you from the first few pages. The writing style is incredibly good and fluid. As a reader, I didn't want to put the book down. From the main and supporting characters to the locations, everything was described lovingly and in detail.


Cover von Elladur the elders legacy mit einer Frau, die ein Schwert in der Hand hält und hinter ihr ist ein schwarzer Panter zu sehen


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Karte von Elladur
Karte von Silver City

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